The WordPress Developer Roadmap: A Guide for Serious Marketing Professionals

A career in marketing can be so much more than just a desk and a phone. It’s about being able to see the world from different perspectives, becoming a sponge for new ideas and techniques, and never ceasing to learn. To help you get started as a WordPress developer, we’ve created this roadmap. This roadmap is meant to serve as your guide to becoming an expert marketer with an added ability in coding and web design by way of the WordPress platform. This document is broken down into three primary sections: What You Need To Know About Becoming A WP Developer, The Path Ahead As A WP Developer, And Which Resources You’ll Need To Get There.

What You Need To Know About Becoming A WP Developer

The main thing you need to know about becoming a WP developer is that it’s not a single role. Rather, it’s a broad job title that covers a large number of different types of work that have one thing in common: they all involve working with WordPress. As a WP developer, you may find yourself working with WordPress and web design, WordPress and content management, WordPress and business strategy, or any number of other combinations of WordPress with other areas of marketing. The key is that you’re working with WordPress in some way, shape, or form. There are a few main entry points into becoming a full-time WP developer. These include: You’re already a developer who wants to specialize in WordPress. You’re a content creator or marketer who wants to learn how to code. You’re a designer who wants to learn how to code.

The Path Ahead As A WP Developer

Even though it sounds like a long path, becoming a WP developer is a journey that you can complete over a relatively short period of time. The best part is, for the most part, you can work on it full-time with a normal 40-hour work week. This means that you should be able to complete the journey in a year if you work on it consistently. Here’s an overview of what a typical WP developer’s path looks like: As a WP developer, you’ll find yourself working at the intersection of design, marketing, and business strategy. In order to work in that intersection, you’ll need to know how to code, how to use marketing tools, and how to come up with creative business strategies. To become a WP developer, you’ll need to cover a lot of bases. The first thing you’ll want to do is figure out at what level you want to engage with coding. Do you want to be an intermediate coder who can build simple websites, or do you want to be a full-stack developer who can build complex applications?

Which Resources You’ll Need To Get There

One of the best things about becoming a WP developer is that there are a ton of different resources you can use to get there. They range from free community-driven resources to paid courses. Here’s an overview of the most important resources you’ll need to complete your journey: WordPress Codex – The first resource you should engage with is the WordPress Codex, which is sort of like the Bible for WordPress. This is where you’ll find guidance on everything from basic installation to managing your server. WordPress Training – Another important resource is WordPress training. Here you’ll find courses offered by various online education companies as well as some free community tutorials. The training you take here will depend on your level of coding. WordPress Community – The WordPress community is an incredible place where you can find support, ask questions, and get feedback on your work. There are many different WordPress Slack channels, Facebook groups, and other social media channels where you can engage with fellow developers.

Bonus: WordPress Development Cheat Sheet

On the way to becoming a WP developer, you’ll encounter a number of different concepts and ideas. You’ll want to be sure to take time to fully understand each one before moving on to the next. One way to help you do this is by creating a cheat sheet. A cheat sheet is simply a document that you can use to quickly reference different terms and concepts. When you come across a new idea, you write it down and add it to your cheat sheet. As you build your cheat sheet, it will become a great tool that you can use to easily review important concepts and keep your knowledge base current.

Final Words

The WordPress platform powers over 31% of all websites on the internet. It’s a powerful CMS that can be used to create just about any type of website — including ecommerce sites. Becoming a WordPress developer means that you’ll be able to create both front-end and back-end websites. As a WP developer, you’ll be able to create fully-functional websites for your clients. You’ll also be able to create fully-functional websites for your own business — meaning you can start building money-making products. You can even use your new skills to start an agency that creates websites for clients in a variety of different industries.
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