Hello, my name is Froilan Balagtas and I am the owner of Full Force Web. I have been a web developer and an Internet Marketing Specialist since 2004 and a WordPress website developer since 2010.

What makes Full Force Web different is that we provide structured solutions to business owners to help them grow their business online. We do this by offering a complimentary consultation to understand the goals and objectives of a business owner whether it to create a whole new website that will be accessible to all type of devices or improve their existing website’s page rank to drive more traffic to their website, or to advertise on the web and reach customers every time.

Why Choose Full Force Web?

  • You will always work directly with the web developer, me, from concept to delivery and I will consistently meet your needs and expectations
  • I have a degree in Professional Web Development + 15 years of successful experience, both holding critical positions within organizations, and running my own company.
  • I am an expert in listening for and creating the crucial issues that create a powerful website
  • I am easily accessible and available.
  • My goal is to align with yours in achieving continuous results to increase your business profitability.
  • I pride myself on keeping current on the latest marketing techniques and web development and will keep you advised.
  • I am proactive in my continuous communications.
  • FFWD prices are competitive — you will get your money’s worth!
  • I have happy customers who are happy to give you a reference; I have been working with one client for 10 years.
  • You will have no worries about your web developer leaving and being pushed off to someone else. I am NOT fly by night! You will always deal with me.
  • I am flexible and will encourage you to insert any new ideas at any time.
  • My contracts are clear — you will be getting what you need and has the most impact for results.
  • I will work with you until you are happy.

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